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STRIKE ORDER was created for operators of the most demanding Bowling centers.

It has been conceived and designed to create, with all its integrated services, a series of organizational advantages, aimed at increasing customer satisfaction and consequently revenue.

Equipped with the latest generation of RFID technology, it allows to manage through the totem and its touch screen, the Bar and kitchen order, assistance calls to the line, both static and interactive advertising, surveys, registration and customer data collection and entertainment with free games and much more.

The system remotely monitored by ARCADE SOLUTION, allows its customers to live their work in total and constant security.


  • Totem in anti-burglary material for public buildings
  • Touch screen Integrated Software with Hi-res 19 " monitor
  • Interface and interactive menus: simple, intuitive and impactful
  • Bar and kitchen ordering service
  • Assistance service tracking
  • Viewing screenshots and dynamic and interactive advertising
  • Customer Loyalty and customer data collection
  • Interactive surveys
  • Entertainment with free games with customizable advertising passes.




Desktop pc equipped with a touch screen on which our totem control software and the management of its commercial operations are installed, allows a constant monitoring of processes, developed with a simple and intuitive visual interface with icons, making it simple even the most complex operations, centralizing all the information you need, in one powerful, easy-to-use tool.

It does not require any special computer knowledge to be used thanks to the deep study of human / software interface that Arcade Solution has dedicated in its construction.



  • Remote switching on and off of the terminals
  • Creation and management of RFID cards
  • Creation and management list, category and product photo of the Bar and Kitchen
  • Creation, management info and timing of offers in static or interactive page
  • Creation and management, data collection and survey display
  • Creation, management and timing of events
  • Creation and management of birthdays calendar
  • Creation of flowing texts «always display»
  • Management of viewing opening hours
  • Management and control of time games